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Conscious Consumers is a social enterprise that was created by the 42collective, a not-for profit charitable organisation based in Wellington.

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Return your bottles to Harbourside Market (next to Te Papa) and we'll give you 50 cents per return off your next purchase with us.

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What, why and who?

‘Conscious Consumers’ is a business accreditation programme and marketing platform that helps hospitality businesses respond effectively to increasing consumer demand for environmentally and socially responsible products and services. 

The scheme was launched in Wellington in June 2010 and Auckland in July 2011, and expanded to the Waikato in September 2011. The initial focus was on the café sector. In early 2012 additional funding was secured to ‘revamp’ the programme and move into the wider hospitality sector and the South Island (official launch of new programme was November 2012).

Conscious Consumers has business and consumer members in six main regions of New Zealand. In each of these regions we have a Regional Coordinator. These Coordinators are supported by the National Office in Wellington, which employers a Director, Ethical Business Advisor, Marketing Manager, Designer and Administrator. Here we all are:


 Regional Coordinators


Anna2 kirsty Melissa Islay Headshot4 megan for web

Anna Mathieson

Kirsty Proctor

Melissa Keys

Islay Rackam

Megan Williams






 National Office


Fran Melissa amy photo nanz2 Ben

Fran Gleisner

Melissa Keys

 Amy Stephens

Nandini Nair

 Ben Gleisner


Business Advisor

Comms Manager

Marketing Manager

National Director


measuring our impact

Eco-cleaners contain less nasty chemicals than conventional cleaners, thus are safer for people and the environment. Each year it is estimated that Conscious Consumer businesses avoid

2,700 litres of non-eco cleaners.

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