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10% off any takeaway Kapai Favourite menu item (in our lovely eco-packaging!)

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How it all works

Who do we accredit?

Hospitality businesses in the Auckland, Waikato, Wellington, Canterbuy, Otago and Bay of Plenty regions as well as companies that supply to hospitality businesses in these regions.

To be listed as a cafe or takeaway you must pass four of the twelve accreditation standards or 'badges ' that we promote. Restaurants, bars and caterers must pass three (given that our packaging related badges are often not applicable).  For a supplier, you must pass one or more of the standards. Find out more about the standards.

What are the benefits?

Once you are accredited your business will be listed on our website and smartphone app, where you can connect with a growing audience of ethical consumers.Take advantage of our digital loyalty card and ethicals specials board to engage directly with customers and grow your business.

How much does it cost?

It is free to join as a supplier and $49 + GST to join as a hospitality business (cost includes all in-store promotional material). There is a monthly fee of $19 - $59 +GST for suppliers (depending on numbers of regions your business supplies to) and $29 - $49 +GST for hospitality businesses (depending on the size of your business)

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measuring our impact

If you sign up as a hospitality business, we measure the positive impacts you are making. For example - each year my business buys:

of local

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