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Get 5 Keep Cup refills and the 6th is on us!

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How it all works

As consumers, the way we spend our money determines which businesses thrive and ultimately shapes the world in which we live.

Conscious Consumers helps you choose the sort of world you want by connecting you with local businesses that support your values. Whether you are after free-range meat or Fairtrade coffee, our online directory of accredited hospitality businesses makes it easy.

Joining up is free and takes less than 1 minute. You can...

  1. Become a Conscious Consumer: via facebook or your email. This will allow you to see ethial specials that our businesses are promoting on the website, and you can use the login and password to activate our smartphone app when it is released. 
  2. Subscribe to our mailoutEach month we send a mailout to thousands of consumers that includes interesting information, exciting events and news about new businesses that have joined!
  3. Like us on facebook or join our facebook group: A super easy way of showing your support for ethical business and get involved with discussions on the issues.

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