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Our badges reflect 12 ethical business practices that make good business sense, respect people and the environment, and reflect current consumer preferences.

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vegan vege

Vegetarian and vegan diets minimise climate change, as animal-based agriculture is a big producer of greenhouse gases. There are also obvious animal welfare benefits associated with these diets.

Costs and Benefits

Vegetarian or vegan based diets help minimise climate change. Animal agriculture is a significant contributor to global climate change. Some sources claim livestock and their by-products account for around 18% of worldwide greenhouse gas emissions.

There are also obvious animal welfare benefits associated with vegetarian and vegan based diets.

Vegetarian or vegan-based meals are generally cheaper to prepare than meat-based meals.

Accreditation Standards

To be awarded the badge, Retailers must:

Vegetarian and vegan meal and drink options available on its menu at all times; or a menu that clearly states vegetarian and vegan options are available

To be awarded the badge, Suppliers must:

Sell at least one food  or beverage that does not contain any meat, poultry, game, fish, shellfish or crustacean.


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Aroha Drinks

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Aroha Drinks make a delicious range of all natural Still, Sparkling, and Fruit Syrups. The Still range consists of Apple& Pear, Ginger Lemon Honey, Sauvignon Blanc & Saffron, Elderflower & Greencurrant. The Sparkling range has a Rhubarb, Feijoa, Blackcurrant, and Elderflower. More info.

measuring our impact

Vegetarian and vegan based diets help minimise climate change and have obvious animal welfare benefits. Each year it is estimated that Conscious Consumer businesses sell

1,865,700 vege and 545,000 vegan meals

vegan vege