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Our badges reflect 12 ethical business practices that make good business sense, respect people and the environment, and reflect current consumer preferences.

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Free range

free range

Free range animals are able to roam freely and are housed without cages. Non-free range animals often live in cramped and overcrowded conditions.

Costs and Benefits

Free range eggs and meats are considered to be tastier and healthier as they are usually free from the antibiotic residue and antibiotic resistant bacteria found in much non-free range produce.

The organic certifications require birds to be free-range and restrict flock size. For example, AsureQuality sets a limit of no more than 350 hens per acre outdoors and maximum flock sizes of 1,500 hens per flock. Farmers also have to meet a range of other standards relating to animal welfare and organic production.

The RSPCA's Blue tick free range poultry standards require a maximum outdoor stocking density of 10 birds per square metre. Piglets, once weaned, to be raised in approved deep straw shelters or open field environments.

Free-range meats cost more than non-free range. However by paying more for your meat or eggs you have the surety they meet welfare standards. 

Accreditation Standards

To be awarded the badge, Retailers must:

Use free range eggs, pork and chicken for counter and menu items. The free range produce must:

  • Have either AsureQuality or BIOGRO New Zealand organic certifications; and/or
  • Have the NZ RSPCA Blue Tick Free Range egg and Poultry standards, and Ecobarn and Free Range pork standards
  • Be wild meat (pork only).

To be awarded the badge, Suppliers must:

Sell free range eggs, pork products or poultry chicken that:

  • Has been certified by either AsureQuality or BIOGRO New Zealand organic certifications and/or
  • Has the NZ RSPCA Blue tick Free Range egg and Poultry standards, and Ecobarn and Free Range pork standards (note: Barn Egg standards are not accepted because they are not free range).
  • Be wild meat (pork only).

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Logan Brown
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Opened in 1996, Logan Brown restaurant's creators, Al Brown and Steve Logan, had a vision to take fine dining in New Zealand in a different direction. More info.

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measuring our impact

Free range animals roam freely and are housed without cages, rather than being raised in cramped, crowded conditions. Each year it is estimated that Conscious Consumer businesses help

21,600 animals avoid factory-style farming.

free range