Measuring our impact

We collect information from our hospitality businesses on the ethical products and services they use so we can measure and share the social and environmental impacts of their practices.

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The positive difference we make

By joining Conscious Consumers you can help build a more ethical economy. Through our accreditation process we collect information from our hospitality businesses on the estimated quantities used and dollars spent on ethical products and services. We are using this information to provide approximate measures of the social and environmental impacts our businesses are having collectively and individually. 


Helping others in the community and supporting local businesses helps increase community wellbeing, and is also good for the environment.


Each year our businesses spend $6,393,200 on local food and beverages.

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food rescue

Each year our businesses redistribute 25,600 kilos of food in the community.

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Smart Waste

Smart waste management involves avoiding waste at source, minimising the use of harmful chemicals, reusing materials and, as a last resort, recycling or disposing of waste in a responsible manner.


Each year our businesses avoid 187,500 items of disposable packaging.

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Each year our businesses divert 582,100 kilos of recyclables from landfill.

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eco packaging

Each year our businesses save 943,200 containers potentially going to landfill.

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Each year our businesses divert 600,600 kilos of organic waste from landfill.

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eco friendly

Each year our businesses avoid 2,500 litres of non-eco cleaners.

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Ethical Products

Ethical products are produced without treating people and communities or animals unfairly, or causing significant harm to our environment


Each year our businesses spend $942,800 on organic food and beverages.

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free range

Each year our businesses help 21,300 animals avoid factory-style farming.

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fair trade

Each year our businesses spend $1,011,900 on fair trade products.

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sustainable fish

Each year our businesses use 23,200 kilos of sustainable fish.

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vegan vege

Each year our businesses sell 1,569,100 vege and 403,300 vegan meals

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measuring our impact

Organic food is healthier because it is free of pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilisers and antibiotics. Each year it is estimated that Conscious Consumer businesses spend

$942,800 on organic food and beverages.

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